How to Care for Our Community and Feed Medical Workers

Week 6

Dear FeedER Donors and Volunteers:

At East Bay FeedER this week (April 26, 2020 - May 2, 2020) we’ve made 79 deliveries to 9 different hospitals and clinics, with a total of 3,060 meals served in the past 7 days. This is an increase of 25% in meals served and a 21% increase in the number of deliveries from the week prior. 

And you have helped us reach a huge milestone: we’ve now delivered a total of 10,704 meals over the course of the 5 weeks (since March 19) we’ve been in operation. You have enabled clinic and hospital workers to be fed over 10,000 times--and helped local businesses to remain open. We’ve scheduled another 17,000 lunches through the month of May, thanks to your donations, and now have over 60 volunteer drivers delivering meals.

We are 100% volunteer; all of our donations go towards feeding people and sustaining our local economy and community restaurants. Let’s keep this going--because we’ve got another month of shelter-in-place, and the battle against COVID-19 isn’t ending anytime soon.

Here’s the thing: you’re not just donating money to feed people food--you’re providing hope and sending a message of love--not our words, but the words of those you’ve benefited.

1. You’re keeping restaurants alive and keeping staff employed: 

Jenny Schwarz, East Bay FeedER Restaurant Coordinator and owner of Hopscotch says, 

“I’ve spoken to several restaurant owners and chefs who were able to bring back staff because of the FeedER orders and the guarantee that we’re going to keep doing this through the end of May. We’re working with over 60 restaurants now and almost all of them have at least one substantial meal order a week.” 

2. You’re supporting your community with a message of emotional support:

Adiam, owner of Mela Ethiopian Bistro shares, 

“Opening Mela just 8 months ago was a dream come true. Just like everybody else during shelter-in-place, I was scared, confused, and nervous, but it’s wonderful to see the community come in and help each other.

It has been a blessing to me to partner with FeedER for many reasons--first, it gives us a source of income and hope that has been great not only financially but emotionally. It has given me something to look forward to, instead of constantly worrying. It also allowed us to bring our employees back, even if for a few hours per week for a few weeks. It gives me a great opportunity to meet wonderful people who are volunteering and to bring smiles on faces. Of course, it’s good to be encouraged and to host others. The emotional support, the inclusiveness--I will never forget it. Never.”

3. You are empowering hospital workers and letting them know they aren’t alone--and in turn THEY are paying it forward, too:

Nurse Kate works at Summit in the Emergency Department. She says, 

“It’s a really strange time to be a nurse, as I’m sure you can imagine. We look forward to, everyday, what we’re going to get from East Bay FeedER--we read the menus and the love notes. The meals themselves are a really sweet love note and reminder that what we’re doing--even though it feels weird and scary--is appreciated. We know you’re not giving us money--you’re giving us love.

And one of the nurses started collecting money for the Alameda County Food Bank--we have jobs and are getting fed twice a day, so she decided to collect money for the Alameda County Food Bank. I call what FeedER is doing a win-win-win--and now there’s another win, because we’re raising money for the food bank on money we aren’t spending for our own food.”

We want to thank each and every one of you who have spread the word about East Bay FeedER and who have sent in donations. We’d like to thank the San Francisco 49ers for their donation. And Nabeel Hyatt who launched a social media matching campaign. Emma K made a donation and said that the amount was the result of a virtual trivia night they held with 140+ people who raised the funds for FeedER. Naushon too, made a donation raised from conducting a yoga pilates class benefiting FeedER. There are SO many of you with these stories, and we are touched, the restaurants are touched, the hospital workers are touched--and you have made a difference.

The shelter-in-place order has been extended until the month of June with the battle against COVID-19 ongoing and likely to extend throughout the year, so your donations have been critical to psychically and physically nourish medical workers and sustain local businesses. We are now working to raise another $200,000 to sustain this program through the end of May and we need your support more than ever. 

Please spread the word (e.g., forward this newsletter and/or direct people to our website) and help us reach our new goal. Again, 100% of your donations go to meals for medical workers. 

We want to thank the following restaurants for their participation this week:

The following ED and ICU locations benefited from your support this week:

  • Highland Hospital ED

  • Summit Hospital, Oakland 

  • Summit / Alta Bates, Berkeley

  • Kaiser, Richmond (ED, HBS, and ICU)

  • Kaiser, Oakland  (ED, HBS, and ICU)

  • Stanford Emery Medical Center 

  • Tiburcio Family Support Services

  • Silva Youth Clinic

  • Roots Community Health Center joined our rotation this week as we add COVID-19 testing sites

Thank you for your donations. Thank you for your love. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your community. Thank you for being a helper. 

Stay safe and stay healthy and stay strong,


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