Thank You For Being a Helper

Week 8

Dear FeedER Donors and Volunteers:

At East Bay FeedER this week (May 10, 2020 - May 16, 2020) we’ve made 108 deliveries to 12 different hospitals and clinics, with a total of 4,170 meals served in the past 7 days. You have continued to help over 70 restaurants. Thanks to you, FeedER has delivered a total of 18,954 meals since FeedER’s inception on March 19

Your donations enable clinic and hospital workers to be nourished while also helping over 70 local restaurants remain open, keeping staff employed in a time when unemployment is soaring. What can we say other than thank you, you’re awesome! You are making a positive difference and demonstrating incredible ideals to us, to your neighbors, to business owners, and to medical workers. 

The shelter-in-place order is still in place through May--and even as we move into new phases of reopening, we’ve got to be more vigilant than ever. At FeedER, we want to continue supporting local restaurants and medical workers who may be faced with increasing COVID-19 risks as we reopen. So we ask you to spread the word and donate in order to maintain this support and sustain FeedER’s services. We are so close to our fundraising goal to do so!

If you would like to contribute in another way: we are in need of hand sewn masks for restaurant workers. If you’re able to sew and contribute masks, please contact so we can distribute them to where they’re needed.

Here are some notes of gratitude we’ve received that we’d like to forward on to you:

Thank you to everyone at East Bay Feeder from the Kaiser Oakland HBS docs!

Thank you so much for all that you do to support us here at Kaiser Oakland and for supporting locally owned restaurants!  We truly appreciate what your team is doing.

Stay safe out there,

Leon Li, MD MPH   

Kaiser Oakland HBS


Wonderful people of our community,

As one of the night shift ED Managers at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center, and on behalf of our ED Physicians, Nurses, Technicians, Registration Clerks, Unit Assistants and Housekeepers I extend a very appreciative thank you!! The overwhelming generosity of our community is simply awesome! The thoughtfulness and amazing generosity of EastBay FeedER and your partners for our ED Team has been fantastically supportive. I have been wanting to reach out to you for a while now, but as our census and patient acuity have been increasing, it has been tougher to get pictures with our crew enjoying the delightful meals. Nonetheless, please extend our sincerest thank you to all of the folks involved in nourishing our frontline staff, we are very grateful. It has been a refreshing for our team to take the downtime and not have to worry about preparing a meal at work, and to have such excellent food, warm and fresh, adds some comfort to our hectic days. Again, our ED Team at Kaiser Oakland thank you for backing us so consistently and with such generosity.



Gregory T. Jehan, RN, BSN, PHN

Assistant Nurse Manager, Emergency Department

Kaiser Permanente, East Bay

Oakland Medical Center

Look at the positive difference you have made. We see you. The medical workers see you. The restaurant workers see you.

We want to thank the following restaurants for their participation this week (*indicates restaurants that joined our rotation this week). Most are offering delivery or take-out--and we think they’re all delicious--give them a try yourself, if you haven’t do so already:

The following ED and ICU locations benefited from your support this week:

  • Highland Hospital (ED)

  • Summit Hospital, Oakland 

  • Summit / Alta Bates, Berkeley

  • Kaiser, Richmond (ED, HBS, and ICU)

  • Kaiser, Oakland  (ED, HBS, and ICU)

  • Stanford Emery Medical Center 

  • Roots Community Health Center 

  • Ashland Community Clinic

  • CORE Response

  • Silva Youth Clinic (Tiburcio)

  • Mission Health Center (Tiburcio)

  • Family Support Services (Tiburcio)

We are 100% volunteer--and 100% of your donations go to meals for medical workers. Please consider forwarding this newsletter or directing people to our website today. Thank you for your love, support, and help. 

Stay safe and stay healthy and stay strong,