Where do we go from here?

You have all been so amazingly generous. Thanks to you, we’ve served 25,000 meals to medical staff in the East Bay. We’ve sustained 72 restaurants, allowing them to keep people employed. Without you, we couldn’t have gotten through this dark, strange spring. You brought so much light and good into the world by sustaining these local restaurants, keeping people employed, and keeping workers fed. We are so grateful.

Because our local hospitals are less worried and less pressed than they have been these last three months, East Bay FeedER is beginning to refocus our efforts on the most deeply affected sites in the East Bay: nursing homes, clinics, and Covid-19 testing sites. 

With the resources we have, we can do this until May 31. But what happens then? 

Though restaurants are hoping for outdoor dining, and looking forward to hosting a small number of diners in a room full of mannequins or empty chairs, this won’t be enough to keep most of them in business. We can’t let them go under, not while we’ve sustained them for so long. 

We need your help now. 

Can you make one more donation? Can you help us keep this up through the summer?  You’ll be feeding folks working under terrible strain, up against real daily danger. And you’ll be making sure our 72 East Bay restaurants can make it through until a complete reopening happens. 

We’re going to keep working. We’re going to keep going. We hope you will go with us. 

If you can, please donate now.


Ayelet Waldman & East Bay FeedER