Winding down...

With gratitude and hope for the future.

East Bay FeedER wants to express our gratitude to this community for stepping up to feed hospital, care site, and testing facility workers during the first stage of the pandemic. 

More than 100 volunteers worked together during this spring and summer to deliver over 30,000 meals and sustain dozens of local independent restaurants. Nearly 5,000 donors made this possible with their contributions, small and large. 

As our community infrastructure adjusts to the long haul of this pandemic, we believe our organization has served its purpose in bridging the gap between a state of emergency and the interminable fight ahead. 

As of August 1, 2020, we are suspending all operations. All remaining money raised for East Bay FeedER will be tipped to our active partner restaurants. 

Thank you for your tireless efforts, your generous support through donations, and your work to keep your community alive and well-fed. 

Please keep up this work to take care of one another. Our social media channels will continue to amplify other East Bay efforts that need volunteers and donations. This fight is not over. But the next phase is about to begin. 

With hope for the future, 

Leadership team, East Bay FeedER